Top 12 support KPIs for better customer service

customer support kpis

Below are six simple steps to help you set the right KPIs for your customer service departments and arrive at the metrics you need to measure. Customers answer this question in retrospect of their entire experience with your brand. So, the customer service department needs to focus on keeping the other KPIs in check, and creating consistent and effortless customer service experiences can help with NPS. The number of tickets resolved per month also acts as a fair judge of an agent’s productivity, if you follow a system where certain types of tickets are assigned to a particular agent.

customer support kpis

CRR measures the percentage of customers who continue to do business with your company over a certain period of time. It is a good indicator of how well the organization is retaining customers and the level of loyalty you have. Calculates the average cost incurred to resolve a customer support ticket. This KPI helps businesses evaluate their customer service efficiency and identify potential cost-saving opportunities. While each customer service KPI and metric is important, measuring all of them at once might be frustrating for a novice. If that’s the case, start with tracking the most crucial one, customer satisfaction rate.

Intercom’s process of setting customer support KPIs

Getting back to your customers quickly is one thing, but how long it takes for you to actually resolve an issue is even more important. That way everyone is on the same page, and everyone’s goals and performance indicators relate back to the business’s overall objectives. Does your customer service department know what their goals and KPIs are for the quarter or year? Upfront and ongoing communication about your objectives and how you measure them is the best way to keep your team informed and working toward a common goal. This includes giving scaled ratings and yes-or-no questionnaires after the call. Call centers follow standard customer service KPI in measuring the quality of service they give for every call.

This can be in soft skills, product knowledge, or even tool proficiency. Instant insights can help you address issues immediately rather than waiting for end-of-month reports. A fluctuating ETR can hint at internal challenges, making it crucial to ensure a stable, well-equipped, and motivated team to maintain service consistency. If customers find it cumbersome to engage, it’s a clear sign that processes need simplification and enhancement. While everything might seem top-notch internally, customers might have a contrasting viewpoint. As we’ll see below, you can leverage customer service KPIs to optimize operations, elevate agent effectiveness, and achieve a deeper insight into customer engagement.

Essential Performance Metrics for Customer Service

The FCR performance indicator gives you insights on how good your agents are at understanding and addressing a problem without needing multiple interactions. This KPI refers to the number of tickets an individual agent or team as a whole has received and resolved within a given period. Average handle time (AHT) is similar to average resolution time, but there is a slight difference. While useful, none of the previous metrics look at customer satisfaction.

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Real-time Analytics News for the Week Ending October 28.

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Consider hiring consultants or third-party agencies to audit your customer service operations and KPI tracking mechanisms. Ensure you’re using robust CRM and customer interaction platforms that capture every touchpoint, from phone calls to social media interactions. The more complete your data, the better you can evaluate and improve. Without regular and varied mechanisms for gathering customer feedback, such as surveys, feedback forms, or review prompts, you might not capture the full spectrum of customer sentiments.

In case the real number is less than in the KPI, we review the conversations with bad scores and look for what exactly affected the bad score. Next month we pay extra attention to this parameter and improve it. The Objective and Key Results (OKRs) framework is a great way to align your team behind a clear set of goals for the quarter. You can gather data proactively, for example, by engaging customers with pop-ups, or passively, for instance by going over chatbot conversation analytics. To calculate your customer request escalation rate, simply divide the total number of inquiries that were escalated by the total number of inquiries that were received.

  • For example, companies generally have been de-prioritizing customer support email as a support channel in favor of social messaging and live chat.
  • We also have a set of team KPIs, which our global support team works towards achieving.
  • You must also consider costs for human agent desk platforms, overhead costs, paid time off, sick days and more.
  • As customer behavior, business goals, or industry standards evolve, the parameters and thresholds for KPIs might need adjustments.
  • Good customer service teams are essential for any business to offer solid customer support and maintain customer loyalty.
  • For example, you may use ABCDX segmentation and find out what types of customers bring more value to your business, and pay extra attention to them.

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